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About the Hula Instructors

Ohana Hula School specializes in a warm, family atmosphere. Classes are taught by professional instructors who have specialized in Hula.

Bev "Peweli"

Bev is a dedicated and committed teacher, who inspires her students to become better artists. As part of her curriculum she teaches all the fundamental core classes and offers continuing artistic challenges to returning students. She continues to study the art of movement by taking workshops and gaining certifications whenever she can and enjoys passing on her knowledge through the many classes she teaches.

Dawn "Alaula"

Dawn has studied many dance forms including: ballet, jazz, modern, hula, bellydance, oriental, african, ballroom, latin and flamenco. She hopes to inspire her students to challenge themselves to learn the basic movements and simple combinations in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Traycee "Keleka"

Traycee believes that hula lessons should offer quality instruction as well as fun. Sonya strives for good communication between instructor and student so that the student can be excited about their progress. Her favorite parts of hula are the non-verbal communication that happens between the dancers along with the traditonal forms of dance performance.


"My daughter and I just passed our one year anniversary taking Hula lessons with Bev and Dawn. It has been so much fun we look forward to each lesson with the anticipation of learning some new steps. Bev and Dawn are a treat to watch dance together; their grace is mesmerizing as they float across the studio telling the stories of old Hawaii.

Both Bev and Dawn have a way of welcoming anyone into the class, speaking for myself, age is no barrier. Beginners feel so welcomed, I know my daughter and I through Bev and Dawn’s encouragement have never doubted our ability to learn Hula.

Mahalo Bev and Dawn!"

~Marilyn and Sarah

"I found the Ohana School in Salem, NH, run by Bev Trusty and her daughter, Dawn on the day I decided to learn hula. They are wonderfully talented and hard-working, endlessly patient and extremely good-humored teachers. When you start dancing hula, it’s normal to feel awkward. But the feeling soon passes as Bev and Dawn make learning fun and encourage questions. They build your confidence by stepping through the first part of each dance with you and repeating it until you feel at ease. Slowly, they add on the next part and so on; before you know it, you are dancing hula! With their help, I was performing in my first show and loving it.

I have found another love in my life dancing hula. I’m a woman in my fifties who loves animals, reading, writing, jewelry-making and now, dancing hula. When I dance, I feel young and graceful, and most of all, happy. With the help of my wonderful teachers, I can dance hula forever."

~Jane B. Fraser

Hula Instuctors at Maia Solana's Dance School