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About the Instructor

Maia Solana is one of the premier professional belly dance instructors in New England. She began her studies in 1977 and has done intensive training with multiple legendary belly dance instructors such as Serena, Jadaya and Yousry Sharif. Her performances have included restaurants, nursing homes and various social functions.

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"I have loved taking lessons with Maia this year. Maia is the rare teacher that combines patience with talent. She challenges her students but is always encouraging and helpful. She is an excellent dancer and choreographer. Most importantly to me, though, my belly lessons with Maia are fun. I spend my whole week looking forward to laughing and talking and dancing with Maia. What a blast!"


"Maia has a graceful style and teaches with concern for the culture."


"Maia has a gift of explaining and teaching that is never intimidating and always fun. I have learned so much from my class and really have come to accept and build on my own individual form of expressing this beautiful dance."

~Lucille "Luci" Power

Maia Solana