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Belly Dance Classes

"We all love to learn and teach what we know but please respect that there is only one instructor in this room"

Maia Solana brings the beauty of classic belly dancing to New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area.

Women of all ability and levels - from beginner to advanced - are welcomed and encouraged to take a class and learn the grace and majesty of belly dance!

Belly Dance Class Schedule

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes as well as private and semi-private instruction are available weekly. Please contact Maia to discuss a class which might work for you.

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Belly Dance Class Structure

Regular classes are an hour long. We will begin with technique, basic steps and movements. Mastery of good form will allow you to move towards learning a beautiful dance with ease. With some dances, we will use veils, canes and finger cymbals (zills); even scarves and tamborines.

(Swords are reserved for advanced students only)

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Belly Dance Class Cost

  • Prices for a 1 hour class are:
    • Private class: $30
    • Semi-Private: $20
    • Regular Class:
      • $13 for 1 class a week
      • $20 for 2 classes a week
      • $45 for one month of 1 class per week
  • Children 12 and Under: $10 per class, $40 for the month

Classes are starting all the time. View our calendar to find the lesson that is right for you.

Contact Maia to discuss private or semi-private classes or to determine what level of class might be best for you to start off.

Looking to try out a class? Print out and bring this coupon with you for $5 off of your first class in either belly dance or hula!

dance coupon $5 off first class

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Belly Dance styles

A variety of traditional, caberet and tribal dances are taught to students.

A variety of music is used: from classics by Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak and George Abdo to modern hits by Shakira and Godsmarck; and everything in-between.

Check our photos in the Flickr image gallery and our YouTube video gallery of past performances to see samples of our varied costumes, styles of dance and music.

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Student Belly Dance Performances

We offer a variety of belly dance performances for clubs and organizations as well as for nursing and assisted living homes.

Students can partake in as many or as few shows as they wish as they learn more and more dances.

Bellygrams are performed by advanced students only.

Come watch our next Belly Dance recital!

Are you interested in learning the art of Middle Eastern Dance but wondering what it's all about? Come to our next recital and you will see all of the fun our students have! back to top

What is Belly Dance?

Belly dance (also known as Middle Eastern dance) is a fun way to express yourself through dance while exercising and toning your body. You will gain self-confidence, flexibility, grace, and poise.

We have a page of great links for shopping and educational information about belly dance where you can learn more about this wonderful manner of physical exercise and self expression as well as the costumes and props used in dances.

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Maia demonstrates a spin with a veil