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Belly Dance School

Maia Solana brings the beauty of classic belly dancing to New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area.

Women of all ability and levels - from beginner to advanced - are welcome to join!

New Belly Dance Classes are Always Starting

Join us and learn the oldest form of dance in one of our belly dance classes taught by Maia Solana.

See the belly dance classes page for more information on the styles of dance taught, cost of lessons and class schedules.

BellyGrams Make a Message Unforgettable

Bellygrams are a great addition to your birthday, anniversary, retirement, wedding or other celebration.

We also offer a variety of belly dance performances for clubs and organizations as well as for nursing and assisted living homes.

What is Belly Dance?

We have a page of great links for shopping and educational information about belly dance where you can learn more about this wonderful manner of physical exercise and self expression as well as the costumes and props used in dances.

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Students dancing in the studio with Maia