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Hula Classes

"We all love to learn and teach what we know but please respect that there is only one instructor in this room"

If you are interested in hula, we have a class that's right for you! We offer instruction in all skill levels of traditional Hawaiian hula--ancient (kahiko) and modern (auana)--as well as in the Maori, Samoan and Tahitian dance styles. Women and girls of all ages are welcome, and we specialize in instruction for children, or keikis as they're known in Hawaiian.

Hula Class Schedule

We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced hula classes, as well as private and semi-private instruction, on a weekly basis. Please contact us for additional information.

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Hula Class Cost

  • Prices for a 1 hour class are:
    • Private class: $30
    • Semi-Private: $20
    • Regular Class:
      • $13 for 1 class a week
      • $20 for 2 classes a week
      • $45 for one month of 1 class per week
  • Children 12 and Under: $10 per class, $40 for the month

Contact us to discuss private or semi-private classes or to select the appropriate class level.

Looking to try out a class? Print out and bring this coupon with you for $5 off of your first class in either belly dance or hula!

dance coupon $5 off first class

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Hula Class Content

We begin with hula technique, learning basic steps and movements, before moving on to a beautiful hula dance. In some dances, we will use a variety of traditional hula accompaniments, such as the ipu (a hollowed gourd), pu'ili (bamboo sticks), and poi balls, which are attached to strings held in the hand and swung rhythmically by dancers.

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Instructor and students performing hula